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Terms and conditions of use

This document is updated on 01/07/2019.

S. Montres SA is a Switzerland company based in C/so San Gottardo 54/A Chiasso CH6830 (SWISS) - CHE100.829.625. (hereinafter the "website") is managed by S. Montres SA, with registered office in C/so San Gottardo 54/A Chiasso CH6830 (SWISS) (hereinafter referred to as "the Manager").

Your use of the Website is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter "Terms of Use") and may be modified at any time by updating the page you are viewing. From time to time you will have to view this page and be sure to accept any changes. Your use or access to this website constitutes your acceptance of these Terms of Use. If you do not accept these Terms of Use, you are kindly asked to not continue browsing this website.

When you buy products sold through our website (either through our customer service or on-line), this purchase is subject to the Sale Terms on the Website (see the dedicated page to know the conditions of sale). If you have any questions, please kindly contact our Customer Service whose references can be found on the "Contact" page of the website.

Our web site is only available to people who act for personal purposes and are excluded from your business purposes, so if we notice any unsuitable behavior we could modify or deny access to this website in any time.

When you buy our product, you will be provided with a purchase identification code. This code is personal and therefore you will have to manage it as such, in a safe manner, without disclosing it to third parties.

The web site and all its textual, multimedia (images, photos, videos), logos, designs and layouts are ours or have been granted by third parties, so unless expressly stated by the owner of the Website may not be copied or distributed to third parties. However, you are allowed to download content (textual and / or multimedia) from the website exclusively for your personal use and not for commercial purposes. Should there be a violation of our intellectual property rights, we reserve the right to take any legal action we deem appropriate.

Despite our commitment to make the website fully compatible with any hardware or software, we do not warrant that this is true. We do not warrant in any way that the use of the Website may cause damage to any of your documents and / or software and / or hardware due to possible and eventual computer viruses. You are therefore encouraged to take any and all protection measures before downloading information or images from the website. We also do not guarantee that the website will be available and accessible at any time and anywhere. We also reserve the option of making it offline or unavailable at any time.


We are committed to keeping the information on the website accurate and up to date, but we can not be held responsible if this is not the case. We also inform you that our products depicted in the images of the website may appear larger or smaller than their actual size due to possible defects and / or monitor settings or due to photographic techniques used to show some details and / or details of the product in question.


There may be links to third-party websites within the website. When this occurs it is your job to check out the policies of the new website you are visiting. Our commitment is to make it as clear and understandable as possible to let you know that you are abandoning our website to verify one third party.

Before entering a link to our website on other websites with any computer technique, you will need to formally request a written request to our contacts that you can view on the contact page. A formal written permission must also be required to include, through any computer technique, our website on third party websites.


These Terms of Use are governed by Switzerland law. For any further information you can always contact our Customer Service.